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Our areas of competence

Real Estate

This is our first area of competence and where we started off our journey as a global company

Crypto assets management

We invest greatly into crypti assets as they have been proven to be a highly performing market


We aim to grow our portfolio by expanding LNG presence in active and dynamic markets.


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Investor's Testimonials

I have to say, Sterling Yield Asset is a step above every other firm I've worked with in terms of the information you share, the presentation, and the conservative assumptions you build into your financial model.

Michaël Lars

Sterling Yield asset testimonial 1

I have invested with Sterling Yield in multiple projects since 2021. They have proven to be knowledgeable and professional in all my dealings with them. The firm's disciplined approach, keen eye for value, attention to detail and superior execution places them at the top of my list. I have full confidence in their honesty and integrity, and I look forward to partnering with them again.

Martialis Mehdi

Sterling Yield asset testimonial 2

They guided me through the process of making a sound financial decision for my family. Most importantly, they took the time to make sure I understood every aspect of the investment until I felt 100% comfortable.

Qiu Anna

Sterling Yield asset testimonial 3

Their disciplined approach was consistent with my expectations, based upon my past years of investing in real estate, both as a lender and as an equity investor. To date, they have fully met my expectations in adhering to their business plan

Hersh Bernt

Sterling Yield asset testimonial 4

I am in a group who has made a number of loans to Praxis secured by their properties. I find them to be quite knowledgeable and professional about their business. They run it profitably, and they pay on time

Alessandra Seela

Sterling Yield asset testimonial 5


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